3-D Activity Book

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Welcome to our 3-D playground!

Get in touch with your inner cartoonist and imagine the possibilities to create your own 3-D Adventure.
Simply draw on the pad (no special pen required) and turn your 2 Dimensional images into 3-D, when you view the page with the attached 3-D glasses.
Since this is Doodling no drawing skills are needed. Doodling is about what one chooses to draw, not how well one draws it.
Why just Doodle when you can Doodle in 3-D!

New York 3-D Activity Book


London 3-D Activity Book




Corporate Doodling
Notebook 3D Glasses

Thinking with pictures can help you discover and develop new ideas:

  • Solving problems and selling ideas with pictures.
  • Brainstorming.
  • Make meetings more interesting, productive and fun.
  • Clarifying an idea or selling an idea visually.
  • Helps you see the big picture by translating complex ideas into visual stories. This way everybody is literally on the same page.

Spiral Draw Toy

Stencil Spiral Game


Custom Stencil

Trace the Stencils to create fun art projects. Just add a pen and a little imagination to reveal Cool 3-D detail and bring your creation to life in 3-D.

This notebook is SPIRALING out of control! Get your creative wheels turning and create beautiful spiral art. It will have you going around in circles as you explore a variety of design combinations transforming Spirals in fascinating patterns in  a mix of art and geometry.

3-Dimensional dot-to-dot puzzles

3D-Dot to Dot-Elvis

3D-birdThese 3-Dimensional dot-to-dot puzzles will challenge and engage as the user connects numbered dots. It’s Amazing to see a full page of numbers and watch as it takes form and there’s no way to tell what the end result will be until it’s a completed detailed drawing.

Once the undiscovered image is complete it is rewarding to finish and put on the 3-D glasses that make these hidden images appear to leap off the the page and come to 3-D life. These fun and challenging 3-D images were created to entertain adults and kids alike.

Sharpen your pencil and your mind.Used for teaching,rehabilitation,enhance visual skills, sequencing,critical thinking and builds math and logic skills;these are just some of the educational benefits this rewarding product offers.


Qty. 500 1,000 2,500 5,000
3-D Activity- 40 $7.50 $6.80 $5.40 $5.00 4(R)
Production 4-5 weeks 4-5 weeks 7-8 weeks 7-8 weeks
Rush Air   Free Free +1.00 +1.00 2(G)

Note: Unit price includes up to 4 color imprint on front and back cover.

Product Details

Notebook contains 30 Double-Sided Sheets =60 Writing pages.
Notebook Size: 9” x 5”

Spiral Drawing Toy: $0.90(G) per unit.
Spiral Drawing toy Size: 7.25” L x 2.4” W

Stencil: $0.85(G) per unit.
Stencil Custom Shape Mold: $100.00(G)
Stencil Size: 8”L x 4.5” W.
Stencil Material is White Cardboard.

Normal Delivery

Production: 7-8 weeks
Expedited air freight: 4-5 weeks


Individually polybagged

Pieces: 100
Weight: 32 lbs
Carton Dimensions: 13” x 17” x 13”

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