Primex Innovations, Inc.
Promotional products, reinvented.

Founded in 1992, Primex Innovations is a design-products company making smarter and better looking promotional products. Our expertise is in creating and producing Advertising Specialties with high perceived value to generate traffic, build market share, and enhance advertising specialty distributors image as a provider of added value products and services.
We have a demonstrated ability in developing a product from concept, to marketplace, to profitable sales. We can enhance a distributor’s effectiveness in meeting the challenges in a globally competitive marketplace.
What draws clients to your business? Do you offer anything new or unique that you are proud to showcase?
We can provide custom products that capture these qualities and bring customers back for more.

So if you’re tired of the same old items- pens and stressballs being pitched to you, then you are ready for Primex Innovations. Distributors come to us because they want something unique.

We possess over 20 years of experience in the Advertising Specialty industry, which means we understand the challenges and characteristics unique to the promotion industry. We look forward to working together with you to create exciting programs that successfully support your business and contribute to your success.
Primex Innovations has established itself discretely and respectfully in the area of providing Unique Advertising Specialty products to the promotion industry. From concept to design, manufacturing to the moment when your promotion comes to life, we do it all. We’re experts in developing promotional products to help get your client’s corporate message across.
We develop innovative products that provide solutions for your business goals, and to your client’s brand awareness. Our track record in developing and executing successful promotions comes from years of experience, a commitment to Quality, and a dedication to understanding your marketing needs. These are the ingredients that contribute to profitability for distributors. Our website offers several ways for you to learn about and interact with Primex Innovations. Explore our new and cutting edge products. When you are ready, visit the Contact Us page to place your order, request a quote, or find out more about a specific product.

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